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The September 2018 ACS Facility Scheduler update features enhancements in several areas. 

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Log in with your e-mail address

Want to log in with your e-mail address instead of a username? Now you can! If your e-mail address has multiple usernames associated with it, you'll then select the one you want to log in with.

When resetting your password, you can also enter your username or e-mail address, and e-mail addresses display on the Users tab in Administration.  

View only published events on a calendar

We've updated the calendar options:

  • To display all events published on any calendar, select Include All Published Events with no individual calendars selected. If you select a calendar you have rights to, all events on that calendar display.
  • To display only published events on specific calendars, select Only Published Events for Selected.
  • To display all events for specific calendars, clear both options. Published events for selected calendars and any event on a calendar you have rights to display. 

These options are similar in Broadcast and Church Life.

Facilitator information displays in Event Details, Reports, and Queries

When adding a new event, Facility Scheduler adds the facilitator's name, e-mail, and phone number as the event registration primary contact. You can change this if the primary contact is not the person managing the event.

The facilitator information displays in Event Registration and in the Event Details window to let staff know who's responsible for an event.  

In queries, you can search by facilitator name or e-mail, and you can display the phone in a new column. The query also includes all fields you used when searching, and these fields display to the right of the current columns. 

Facilitator fields display on the Event Export, Event Request Form, and Print option within the event. You can also include these fields on the List of Events Report. 

Last Modified By column displays in Event Export and Queries

We've made it easier for you to see who last modified an event. The Last Modified column now displays in both the Event Export and queries. 

Send cancellation e-mails to resources

When deleting or canceling a pending or approved event, the option to send cancellation e-mails now displays if responsibilities are approved. This lets you remove the event from your calendar. 

Fewer e-mails for event changes

After our June 2018 update, you told us that your inbox was full of event request changes, especially if one person entered all events and others filled in missing information. To help, we've updated the event request e-mail process. Now, event creators receive e-mails when the event is confirmed, deleted or canceled prior to confirmation, or deleted or canceled after confirmation. 

If you created an event and want to receive e-mails when others modify it, you can update this in your User Preferences.  


 Facility Scheduler Corrections
  • When saving an event, "Specified Cast is not valid" displayed.
  • When saving an event or query, "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" displayed.
  • When adding an address to the promotional website area of an event, an error displayed because the address was limited to 100 characters.
  • When editing a recurring event with exclusions in the date range in Access ACS, ACS Facility Scheduler overwrote the excluded dates.