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When you sort calendars by date, you can view daily, weekly, full week, or monthly calendars. You can also display an agenda view that shows all events for a single day, as well as the times, duration, and calendars for those events.

When you sort the calendar pane by calendar, you can view events for that day, week, or month.

You can view separate grids for each calendar or a combined grid with events color-coded by calendar. If you place your cursor over an event, a tooltip displays the event name, primary location, event description, start and end times, and setup and teardown times.

If you select an event, the event name, start and end times, setup and teardown times, calendar, primary location, and bookings display in the Event Details pane in the lower-left corner. You can also right-click on an event to edit, copy, delete or publish it.

 To view a calendar
  1. On the Calendar tab, click Calendar.
  2. To filter which calendars display in the grid, select the calendars you want to view in the Calendars filter on the left side of the page.
  3. To view an agenda of events for a date, click Agenda. The By Calendar option is disabled when you select Agenda or Full Week.
  4. To view a daily calendar, click Day.
  5. To view a weekly calendar, click Week.
  6. To view a weekly calendar using vertical columns, click Full Week. This calendar allows more space to display events scheduled on Saturday and Sunday.
  7. To view a monthly calendar, click Month.
  8. To view all calendars in a single calendar grid, click the By Date button.
  9. To view each calendar in a separate calendar grid, click the By Calendar button.

 To print a calendar
  1. On the Calendar tab, click Calendar.
  2. In the Actions group, click Print.
  3. Select the Format, Paper, and Resources options you want.
  4. Click Print.

 Mini Calendar

You can use the mini-calendar located in the top left corner of the Calendar View to navigate between months and years. You can click the right and left arrows next to the month and year to change the date. Click the arrow next to Go To Date to quickly zoom out to progressively larger time frames on your calendar. 

 Calendar Selection

You can determine the events that display by selecting calendars and whether or not you want to see published events.

Calendar and Event Selection

The calendar and event selection options display in the left frame of the calendar view window. You can select which events to display based on calendar or whether it is published.

When you select an individual calendar, all published events on that calendar display. In addition, if you have rights, unpublished events also display.

If you select Include All Published Events, all published events from other calendars display as well.  Clearing this option only clears the published events from other calendars and still displays events on any selected calendars.

To see only to published events from selected calendars, select Only Published Events for Selected. This displays what a member would see in Broadcast or Church Life.

You can also clear all selected calendars and select Include All Published Events. This displays only published events.

 Event Details

The Event Details display in the bottom left corner of the Calendar View. To view an event's detail, select the event from the calendar. This will display information about the event such as the name, time, calendar, location and bookings.  

 Event Counter

When viewing the calendar home page in Monthly View, a counter displays at the bottom of the window. The counter displays the total number of events the user can view for the month. Only events contained within the current month display; events from the previous and following months can be viewed but are not included in the count.

Event Counts Vary by Permissions

The number of counted events varies from user to user depending on the security permissions of each. For example, if you have security rights to view only the Youth calendar then only Youth calendar events are counted.

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