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The dashboard keeps track of Action Items that require your attention, a 7 Day Outlook of upcoming events, and an Upcoming Event Requests area that displays the current status of events with requests associated with them.

The options that display depend on your ACS Facility Scheduler user rights. You can adjust the size of the Action Items and 7 Day Outlook areas by moving the bar that separates them. If you expand any items, they remain expanded until you collapse them, and you can scroll through the list.

7 Day Outlook

The 7 Day Outlook displays events for the next seven days, sorted by day. This section displays for everyone, including members, regardless of rights to approve or confirm events.

If you have rights to approve or confirm events, and your calendar has them, those events are denoted in this section. The event's calendar and location display as well.

Action Items

If you have rights to approve or confirm events on the primary calendar, the Action Items section displays. This section displays events that need attention, such as pending events that you need to approve or confirm.

If no event items need action, this section is collapsed.

Upcoming Event Requests

If you have rights to approve or confirm events on the primary calendar, and some events have active requests, the Upcoming Event Requests section displays.

This section displays Pending or Approved events with sent requests. Once an event is confirmed, it no longer displays, and canceled events do not display. If an event spans several days, it only displays once.

Use the DateName, and Status fields to search for upcoming events with requests, and sort the events by section.

In the Responses area, place your cursor over the RequestsWaitingApproved, and Declined fields for more details.

When you place your cursor over the number in the Requests field, the request's status (Approved, Declined, or Waiting) displays by the contact's name. When you place your cursor over the number in the Waiting field, you'll see the date the request was sent along with the contact's name or e-mail. Placing your cursor over the Approved or Declined fields displays the contact's name or e-mail along with the date the response was received.

Once an event is confirmed (or canceled), it no longer displays in this section. If the calendars you have rights to have no upcoming event requests, "No events have requests associated with them yet" displays.

To edit an action item or upcoming event on the dashboard

  1. Double-click the item.

  2. Make the changes.

  3. In the Actions group, click Save and Close.


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