When you create a backup job, you must enter information in the Scheduled Jobs (NEW) window. To display this window, click Create a new backup job in the LiveStor Service Center.

To add a backup job

  1. Click Tools, point to Job, then click Add . The Scheduled Jobs (NEW) window displays.
  2. Under Job Properties, enter a Job Name for your backup. For example, enter My Documents.
  3. Enter a Job Description. You may want to note the types of files that are included in the backup.
    Optional: To set up the job to send an e-mail if the job runs but does not store any files, select Notify me if this job runs and stores no files.
    Optional: To set the job to run automatically, select Enable this job to run at the scheduled time. The job will not run automatically if this option is not selected.
  4. In the Notify me if this job has not run within day from the scheduled date field, enter the number of days you want the LiveStor system to wait before sending an e-mail that the job is past due.
  5. Under Job Details, click Browse to locate the folder that includes the file(s) that you want to include.
  6. In the Browse For Folder dialog box, highlight the folder you want to back up, and click OK.
  7. If the selected folder contains sub-folders that you want to back up, select Include Sub-Folders.
  8. In the Keep my changed or deleted files for days field, enter the number of days that you want the LiveStor servers to retain your original files. This does not affect stored files that you have not changed or deleted.
  9. To save your new job, click Save. To cancel your changes, click Cancel.

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