Each time a job runs, LiveStor logs the activity of that job in the job log that displays at the bottom of your LiveStor Service Center.

To make sure your log displays, click View, then click Show Logging. A check icon displays next to Show Logging. The job log includes the date and time that your job ran, the files that were included in the job, and the status of each file. It also displays the total number of files uploaded, their file sizes, and any errors that occurred.

To save the current log to your computer, go to the File menu and click Save Log.

To view all job logs, click View, then click View Logs. To see the details of a log, double-click the log. The log does not represent the entire storage process. To make sure that your files are stored on the LiveStor servers, visit LiveStor Online at http://my.livestor.com.

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