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With the mobile app on your Android tablet or phone, you can connect to ACS, PDS, or HeadMaster with OnDemand from almost anywhere! 


  • The OnDemand mobile app is useful for simple tasks such as viewing information and looking up records. However, if you need to enter contributions, take attendance, or do other  data-intensive tasks, we recommend that you use a computer.
  • ACS, PDS, and HeadMaster do not support printing from Android devices.

Getting Started

  1. Using your Android device, visit the Google Play store and download the OnDemand Mobile App for Android.

  2. After you've downloaded the app, open the mobile app and select OnDemand. 

  3. Tap to view the details of your connection, then click Connect to enter your OnDemand login. 

  4. The panel displays the host's name, URL, IP address, and Port number. 

  5. Tap Connect. If you want to remember your credentials, select Edit before going to the next step.

    All other information provided in the saved settings is required to connect to OnDemand. If you edit these settings, you may not be able to connect.
    To restore the original settings, you'll need to delete the Android mobile app from your device and reinstall it from the Google Play Store.

  6. Enter your user name and password.


Once you've installed the mobile app, connected to the OnDemand host, and logged in, you can access your data.


Keyboard: Tapping the 'A' button toggles the touch-screen keyboard.

 Power: Closes the session and returns you to the main host list window.

 Auto Zoom: Makes your screen more visible by allowing you to zoom in and enlarge your display.

 Toggle: Allows you to move from one screen to the next. 

  Additional Settings

  • Pin Toolbar keeps the toolbar locked on the bottom of your screen.
  • Auto Connect launches the host automatically on your device.
  • Auto Launch opens the specified application when the session is started. This setting is set for the OnDemand application and should never be edited.
  • Reset App restores the app back to its original settings.