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Insights dynamically displays your data in ways you haven't seen before. Filters make it easy to view trends or specific areas of interest. Your data is refreshed every week so you can see how things are changing, in a snapshot of time.

What can you visualize on the Insights dashboard?

  • Hover over any part of the interactive graphs to view the related details. 
  • The line graphs show the key giving metrics and compare giving from year to year. 
  • The bar charts illustrate your church's giving by generation, year, and payment method. 
  • Use filters to select specific funds, generations, or payment methods and see results instantly.
  • Identify data entry errors immediately.

Your data is updated every Monday night for the prior week and available Tuesday morning. To request a different schedule, call 1-800-669-2509.

Enroll in Insights

To enroll in Insights, call our support center at 1-800-669-2509 to speak with a customer service representative.

 Video Transcript

Insights gives you easy to read analytics for your church’s data, powered by Tableau.    
After you log in, select the project, workbook, and view you want.         
Filter your results.
View trends over multiple weeks on the line graph. Move your mouse over the graph to see details for a specific week.
On the bar graphs, see totals by generation as well as across multiple years. Move your mouse over the graphs to drill down to the details.
Share your information with fellow approved staff using embedded code or a link.
If you want to view your information as an image or in a spreadsheet, select a download option.
Insights refreshes your data on a weekly schedule, so your analytics stay current!

If you already have an Insights account, you can log in: