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When printing labels in ACS People Suite as an OnDemand client, the labels are not correctly aligned.

Products affected: ACS OnDemand, People

Versions affected: Any


Before printing from OnDemand, use the Print to File option to preview your labels as an Adobe Acrobat PDF.

Then, you'll need to either clear Auto-Rotate and Center and set Page Scaling to None, or choose to print the labels as Actual Size with Auto portrait/landscape orientation.

 To print aligned labels in Adobe
  1. Under Searches and Reports, click the Labels tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select People and click Go .
  3. Select the labels you want to print, then click Customize.
  4. Under Report Options, select any applicable Layout and Settings options, then click Preview.
  5. When your labels display, click Print .
  6. In the Print dialog box, select Preview PDF.
  7. When the PDF preview displays, click File > Print.
  8. If using Adobe Version 8, under Page Handling, set Page Scaling to None and clear Auto-Rotate and Center.
  9. If using Adobe Version 10.1.2, under Page Sizing & Handling, set the Size Option to Actual Size and the Orientation to Auto portrait/landscape.
  10. Click Print.