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There are two ways to move files between the OnDemand server and your personal computer:

(info) While working in ACS, PDS, or HeadMaster, you want to save a file to your personal computer instead of the OnDemand server. You can do that!

(info) You want to transfer a group of files between our OnDemand server and your personal computer. Why? 

    • You're running an Advanced Export from ACS People, you can transfer the exported files from OnDemand to your computer.
    • Your church just organized a photo shoot and you want to import the photos to your software. Using the OnDemand Utilities, you can move many files at once. If you haven't done so already, we recommend you watch the OnDemand Utilities Video


The OnDemand server is not a cloud storage solution. We recommend that you only move files to the OnDemand Server that you need to import into your church or school management software.

What do you want to do?

Save files from OnDemand to my personal computer.

Transfer a group of files between the OnDemand server and my personal computer.