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The process for sending individual emails from OnDemand is essentially the same as it is in the desktop version of ACS. Before starting the steps below, make sure you have set up email in ACS OnDemand.  

Sending Individual Emails

When sending an email from an individual's record, there is an option to Use SMTP. If you are using a Mac®, you must select this option to send the email. If you are using a Windows® operating system, selecting this option will open the E-mail Editor in OnDemand. If you do not select this option, it will open your local email client.

 To send a single email from ACS People
  1. In ACS People, under Manage Records, click the People tab.

  2. In the drop-down list, select View/Edit Individual and click Go .
  3. Highlight the name of the individual you want to send an email to, and click View/Edit.
  4. On the Contact Information tab, select the Use SMTP check box.
  5. Highlight the email address you want to send an email to, then click Send E-mail  to begin drafting a single message.

Emailing Multiple Recipients

To add multiple recipients manually, enter the email addresses, separated by a comma with no space. If you have used email addresses here before, they will be remembered. You can enter these addresses by clicking the To or CC field to display  and select the addresses you want.

 To send reports to multiple recipients
  1. Select the report you want to send via email, then click Preview.
  2. On the report ribbon, select Email Report.
  3. Click the drop-down menu and select the type of file you want to include. 

  4. Double-click the To  or  CC field to select the addresses or manually enter the addresses, separated by a comma with no space.
  5. Type a message in the body.
  6. When you are ready, click Send.