PDS SpeedCheck

What Is SpeedCheck?

SpeedCheck is your one-stop shop for scanning checks from your
contributors. Instead of manually entering each check into your
system, SpeedCheck scans a group of checks and uploads the
information into PDS, along with images of each check.

Once the checks are scanned, you can remotely deposit them into
your church's bank account.

The contributions are posted automatically to family records in PDS.

All of this -- without getting up from your desk!

How Does It Work?

Here's an overview of what happens:

Before You Begin

PDS SpeedCheck is an add-on feature. If you're interested in using it, contact our Sales team at 1-800-892-5202 to sign up.

Once you sign up, purchase a check reader that's compatible with our requirements. Then, click the button to download the .

After that, you're ready to scan checks!

How Do I Use It?

For steps on using SpeedCheck, check out your program's help topic: