Transition from QuanComm
     to Vanco Payment Solutions

On May 5, 2014, Vanco Payment Solutions took over the processing services for churches using QuanComm. Below are answers to common questions that relate to PDS software.


What settings do I need to change in my PDS program?

You must change your EFT credentials from QuanComm to Vanco. Click File > Setup > Electronic Fund Transfer. Select either I Use Vanco for ALL EFT Transactions or I Use Vanco for Credit Cards but not for ACH. Enter your new credentials provided by Vanco, including account name, user ID, password, client ID, and iFrame ID.

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How is EFT processing different in the PDS programs?

When you run the Do Electronic Fund Transfer quick posting, you now select Vanco - Auto Connect as the transfer type instead of QuanComm. Once you change this, your selection is remembered for future batches.

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What transfer type do I select if I was using QuanComm – One Time Entries?

Select Vanco – Auto Connect as your transfer type, then select Vanco EFT from the drop-down menu. Select the Auto Connect EFT Transactions check box, and clear the other two check boxes. Enter a date range that will transmit no transactions. Then, select One Time EFT to transmit one-time EFT transactions to Vanco.

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The EFT Info button isn't displaying account information.

Make sure you're on the latest version of 7.1B. If you still can't see account information, go to FileSetup > Electronic Fund Transfer > EFT Setup. Select Reorder to confirm that the Vanco EFT login credentials display as the first record in the table.

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I'm trying to post an EFT and "Error: Invalid Request" displays.

Under Auto Connect EFT Transactions, make sure the Account Name value in the drop-down box is the correct one for EFT.

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The Check Status of a Batch process shows all transactions have cleared, but I know there are errors.

This was corrected in the latest version of 7.1B. Until you can update your program, you can manually remove the donation from the contributor's history in the PDS program.

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What are the Vanco EFT transfer types for QPay and QPayment Online Donations/Payments?

Go to Do Electronic Funds Transfer, select Vanco – Auto Connect as your transfer type, then select Vanco Online Giving from the account drop-down menu. Select the Online and Card Swipe Payments check box and clear the other two check boxes.

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I received an "Application not Applicable" error after running online and card swipe payments.

This was corrected in the latest version of 7.1B. This happens when the fund activity name from Vanco exceeds 40 characters.

Until you can update your program, you can contact Vanco Payment Solutions at 1-800-675-7430 and ask them to reduce the length of all activity names to 40 characters or less, then change the activity name in the PDS program so it matches exactly.

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When I run Auto Connect, I get entries that say the fund activity name can't be found.

Fund activity names used in Vanco must match those used in PDS. Change the activity name(s) in the PDS program on the Fund Setup window to match the activity names from Vanco. Make sure the spelling and punctuation matches exactly. You can also contact Vanco Payment Solutions at 1-800-675-7430 and ask them to change the fund activity names.

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I imported online gifts from Vanco, and fund numbers that I do not have are displaying.

This process was changed in the latest version of 7.1B. The transaction is now found by fund activity name instead.

Until you can update your program, review the list of entries and change the fund numbers that don't match PDS fund numbers by editing the Fund Number field in the grid. This way, you can post the information to your PDS families.

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Can I renumber family ID/envelope numbers?

No, the ID/Envelope number is the link between Vanco and PDS. You should not change this for any family using EFT.

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I pulled in online gifts with Auto Connect, and several entries show ID found, but the names don't match.

The PDS program pulls in family data from Vanco and matches it using the ID/Env number. If the ID/Env number does not match, a warning displays to alert you to verify whether the ID/Env referenced belongs to the correct family. Use the drop-down list on the family name to pull in the correct family from the PDS data file.


If the matching family was assigned a different ID/Env number, please make that change in the Vanco data so that it matches the correct family next time they make an online payment.

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What do I need to do if transactions are missing after running the EFT quick posting?

If you were missing any online transactions, you need to re-run the EFT quick posting for online and card swipe payments using the date range of the missing transactions. Make sure to check your batch statuses.

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How do I pull in older Auto Connect EFT transactions?

Within the Do Electronic Fund Transfer quick posting, select Transfer Type: Vanco - Auto Connect, and select Auto Connect EFT Transactions. Enter the date range of the transactions you want to post, and select your fund(s).

Click Next. In the grid, change the date for all the transactions to today's date.

Then continue posting transactions as normal.

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What do I do if I receive the error "Invalid Start Date" when posting EFT transactions?

This was corrected in the latest version of 7.1B. If you still receive the error, please contact your PDS Support.

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