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   Viewing Files in PDS OnDemand

February 7, 2018

Due to licensing changes with Microsoft®, PDS OnDemand will begin using OpenOffice in place of Microsoft Office products on February 20, 2018. Your monthly fee will not increase, and you'll have the same capabilities of exporting, viewing, and saving data. If you have a licensed copy of Microsoft Office installed on your computer, you can still export, save, and open files from OnDemand from your local hard drive.

Below are answers to common questions related to this change.



What is OpenOffice?

OpenOffice is an office suite for word processing, spreadsheets, and other applications. You will have the same functionality when using documents and spreadsheets in the OnDemand environment. OpenOffice Writer is the equivalent of Microsoft Word, and OpenOffice Calc is the equivalent of Microsoft Excel. Learn more at

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Will my monthly fee increase?

No, this change will not increase your monthly fee. In fact, this prevents your fee from increasing.

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How will my experience in OnDemand change?

After February 20, if you want to view a file, it will open in an OpenOffice word document or spreadsheet instead of opening in a Microsoft document or spreadsheet. If you want to save or edit a file using Microsoft Office, you need to save the file to your computer first, then open it using the Microsoft Office product installed on your computer.

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Is there still a way to open files in Microsoft Office?

Yes. If you have a licensed copy of Microsoft Office, you can save files from OnDemand and open them using your Microsoft Office product installed on your computer.

 To save an OpenOffice file from OnDemand to your computer
  1. In the OpenOffice file, click File > Save As.
  2. In the Save in drop-down list, select the S drive, which contains your site number.
  3. Enter a file name, and click Save.
  4. In the OnDemand main menu, open File Manager.
  5. In the Address drop-down list, select the S drive.
  6. Right-click the file name, then click Copy.
  7. In the Address drop-down list, select your local hard drive (where you want to save the file).
  8. Right-click in the window, and click Paste to transfer the file to your local hard drive.

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Does this change affect the PDS desktop programs?

No, this change only affects OnDemand clients. If you have additional questions, please contact PDS Support at 1-800-669-2509.

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