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8.2A Release 2-8-18

To get the latest version, go to the File menu in your program and click Check for Program Update. Or, just click Download Now.

We recommend updating to Church Office 8.2A, which offers the following enhancements.

New Features

Notify and Dismiss Other Program Users

With the right permissions, you can send a message to other program users. This displays to those currently using Church Office (or any programs that share data) and to those who open the programs once you send the message. You can also force users to exit if you need exclusive access to, for example, run a process that alters data.

For details on setting and using this feature, see View User Activity.

View and Modify Batches

We added an area where you can view all financial batches including those posted during Payment/Donation Entry, Fee Entry, Terms/Rates Entry, Pledge Card Entry, as well as those imported from EFT companies.

With the right permissions, you can modify transactions in a batch, add a new transaction, or delete a transaction. You can also delete the batch, if needed.

Once you save your changes, you can leave an audit trail. If you click Yes, the original transaction is retained but the check number is changed to “Mistake”. This works like EFT-Error and excludes the amount from financial totals. Then, a second transaction is added with your changes. If you click No, the original transaction is changed or deleted. You can see a note about the change in the Comments field of the transaction. The change is also noted in the User Log.

On the Contributions window, click Processes > View Batches. For details and steps, see View and Modify Batches.

New Option to Match Vanco Report

We added a report option in the eGiving quick posting. Entries are sorted by date and account type to better match the reports you get from Vanco.

Log Reasons for System Processes

Now, you can log a reason for change when you run a system process from the File menu.

This reason displays on all affected records. Go to the record, and click Reasons for Changes on the left.

Export to QuickBooks Online

We added an option so you can export your totals to QuickBooks Online. Select the Online checkbox, and the format changes to match the required 3 column format.

New Shortcut Key for 'Find'

Now you can use the Ctrl+F shortcut key to open the Search dialog box. In any window where you can search for records, hold down the Ctrl key then press F.

You can also use this to open the Find dialog box in Reports.

Warning when Deleting a Family with Funds

If you try to delete a family who currently has funds, now you’ll see a warning that lists their fund periods. That way, you can make any necessary changes before deleting the family.

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Improved Features

Search Saved Selections and Additional Selection Fields

We added a Find button in the list of saved selections. This works just like the Find feature in the Reports list.

You can also search in the list of additional selection field names. On the Additional Selections tab, click to add a new condition. Then hold down the Shift key and press ? to open the Find dialog box.

Re-import SpeedCheck Batches

If needed, you can re-import batches within a certain date range into SpeedCheck.

Print Member Name on Confirmation Certificates

We added options on confirmation certificates to print the confirmation name or the member name as it displays on their record.

Tutorial Videos

Now, the video icon  displays in the top-right corner of every window (beside the notification bell and help icons). Click it to go to the PDS Training Library on the Client Portal. From there, you can select and view video tutorials for your program.

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We fixed the following issues that affected some of our clients.

  • We changed the postage statement format from bitmap to jpg so they print a little clearer.
  • If you disabled all of your additional selections, reports displayed blank.
  • When printing from the Sacramental Register, the notification of marriage displayed “Married To: <Sac Marriage Spouse Name>” instead of the spouse’s name.
  • If you didn’t enter a funeral date when adding a memorial, the memorial record was not created in the Sacrament window. Once you chose a new fund, the process tried to find the information and didn’t always locate the record.
  • In the Memorial process, only the activity names associated with the selected fund number were displaying. Sometimes, activity names from a different fund displayed as blank.
  • If a member changed information using PDSConnects and the family had inactive or deceased members, the changes were processed but the change request was not being cleared.
  • The postage statement was not calculating the Net Postage Due when you entered a value for Postage Affixed.
  • An error displayed if you used Alt+Q to search for a family that was not part of a filtered list (for example, an inactive family in a filtered list of active families).
  • Using the Sacramental Register, the confirmation notification was printing baptism information.
  • When adding a new family or member phone number, if you moved the mouse out of the grid, the new line disappeared.

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