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In the Sacraments section, multiple tabs display detailed sacramental information. On the Information tab, click Members.

On each tab, you can enter and edit sacramental information.

 To enter or update sacrament information on the tabs
  1. Locate the appropriate record.
  2. In the navigation pane, click Sacraments.
  3. Select a tab, and enter information in the fields. For more on these fields, see the tabs below.
  4. Click Save.


If you purchased Sacramental Registers, additional features are available. The information you enter here is also updated in the Sacramental Registry if the sacrament was performed at your church (indicated by selecting the Perf. Here option in the Addl field on the sacrament tab).

This information is common to most sacramental certificates.

Additional Field Information

Add Documents
Upload additional documents related to the information you've entered.

Use Default Values
Inserts the default information stored for the family in the program. To include middle names from the member records, go to the Initial Setup window and select Include Middle Names when using the Use Default Values Button on the Family/Member tab.

Get Saint Name

Useful Information

This option is only available in the Orthodox version of Church Office.

Select a saint name based on the birth date entered in the record. To learn more about managing the list, see Set Up Saint Names.

You can customize the names of the other tabs located within the Sacraments section.

Additional Field Information

If needed, select a status for the sacrament.


If you want to refresh sacrament information in the sacramental register, sacraments must have a status.

If needed, select any additional information for the sacrament.


Only sacraments with an Addl option of Perf. Here are included when you refresh sacrament information in the sacramental register.

Performed by
Enter up to 150 characters for the name(s) of the celebrants as you want them to display when you print. For example, you can enter "Fr. Brown and Rev. Jones" or "Fr. Brown, John Smith, & Sally Jones".

Select an option from the drop-down list. To enter a different location, click Add.

Select if a certificate of verification exists for the sacrament.

Certificate on File
Select if a certificate of verification is on file at the parish.

Profession of Faith
Select if a profession of faith was made. Displays on the Baptism tab and is available only for Catholic parishes. A date field for the profession of faith displays below the check box.

Celebrant from List
Select a celebrant name for the Performed by field located to the left. This field uses keywords from the Celebrant Names keyword list.

Enter the volume number, page number, and entry number of the sacramental archive in which the sacrament is recorded. You can enter the numerical value in the field, or click the calculator icon to display the program calculator.

Print Certificate
Click to open the report wizard. To modify a report, copy it, then make your changes to the copy. This prints for the member record you're currently on.

This tab displays a list of sacrament dates. To move the sacrament information within the list, click the reorder icon . To reorder alphabetically, click the reorder icon, then Sort.

If you change a member's status on the Marriage tab to "Divorced", "Widowed", or "Annulled", and click Save, that information is recorded on the Date List tab.