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Once you start your stewardship program, it's important to enter information from pledge cards as soon as possible. There are two types of information that are of concern: pledge details and the response type.

Entering Pledge Details

Use the Terms/Rates quick posting to enter this information quickly and accurately.

Useful Information

Before you enter the information from the pledge cards, it's important that you have everything set up in the Fund Setup window for the fund you will be using.

To ensure the pledge is ready for pledge entry, considering the following:

  • If people will be pledging a certain amount each week, month, quarter, and so on, your fund must include a Charge activity type.
  • Contributions are usually tax-deductible, so most of your payment activities should be set up with a Payment – Deductible type.
  • Including a group total or balance is optional.
  • You can define more than one group for activities, if necessary.


Other things you can add to your fund setup include the following:

  • If someone gives additional amounts that don't apply to the pledge, you can define a special activity with an Additional Gift type to track this type of donation. For example, a family can pledge to give $100 monthly but may also want to donate $50 towards flowers for the altar. In the Fund Setup window, insert Flowers as an activity name with an Additional Gift – Deductible type.
  • If someone gives an amount in addition to the pledged amount every week or month but wants that amount to count toward the pledge, in the Fund Setup window, enter a Pay Down – Deductible activity type. For example, a family can pledge $25 monthly but may want to pay an additional "down payment" of $100 up front. In this case, the $100 is a pay-down amount. However, if the family wants to treat the $100 as an initial payment so they can skip paying for four months, then resume the $25 payments every month, this is not a pay-down situation. To handle this, use the regular Payment – Deductible type used for the other regular monthly contributions.

Entering Responses to Pledge Cards

As families begin returning pledge cards, it's important to update their records with any pertinent information on the card. You can make entries for each family on their individual record, or you can process a group of families at once. If you only need to update records for a few families, enter the information individually in their Letters, Visits, Etc window. However, if you are entering information for a large group of families, you should use the Change Letters, Visits, Etc. process.

Useful Information

It's just as important to post negative responses as it is to post positive responses. Most likely, you will have far less negative responses than positive responses, so you should process the negative responses individually.

When you print letters or pledge cards to send out, you are prompted to log the letter or pledge card in the family's record. This process uses the log information to update family records with responses.

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