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Setting Up Based on Current Values

With this option, you must store a table of old and new rates. Rates only change for families who have an old rate for the current fund period. If a family doesn't have an old rate, the new rate is set to the current period value.

 To set up terms and rates based on current values
  1. In the New Year Fund Setup window, select Set Up Same Terms & New Rates Based on Current Values.
  2. Click New Rates.
  3. Click the add icon .
  4. Enter the old rate, then enter the new rate.
  5. Enter as many rates as you need.
  6. To save the table of rates, click Save.

    Useful Information

    You can return to this table to make changes until you click Process or Cancel in the New Year Fund Setup Process window.

Setting Up Based on Members

With this option, you can post new rates based on the member or family criteria you select. This option is typically used when setting up rates for school or religious formation tuition. For example, you can have a set of rates for members in grades K-8 and another for those in high school. You can also have different rates for contributing parishioners versus non-members. Finally, you can vary rates based on how many children in the family are attending.

 To set up terms and rates based on member information

Useful Information

With the exception of the following steps, all other fields are optional when setting up a rate based on member information.

  1. In the New Year Fund Setup window, select Set Up New Terms & Rates Based on Members.
  2. Click New Rates.
  3. Select one or more member type options to include in the search.


    Typically with tuition rates, you include members with types Child and Young Adult.

  4. Select a recurring charge.
  5. In the 1st Member Rate field, enter a rate. You must set up at least one rate.
  6. To set up additional rates for the same fund, click Add Rate. For example, members in high school might have a different rate scale than members in grade school.
  7. To save these terms and rates, click Save > Close.


Additional Field Information

Families in this category have a special family keyword of
Search for families based on a family keyword. Family keywords are located in the Primary Information section of the Families window.

Families in this category have a special fund keyword of
Search for families based on a fund keyword. Fund keywords are located in the Rates/History/Keywds section of the family's fund record.

Reset All Terms
Select if you want all families with this fund to have the same terms.

If No Current Terms
Add families who were either not in the fund previously or who have an empty Terms field.

Combine rates for all members into a single total and Each member should have a separate rate
For example, a family with three qualifying members has three rates of $100, $75, and $50. If these rates are combined, the family is assigned a single rate of $225. If these rates are separated, the family is assigned three different rates of $100, $75, and $50.

Useful Information

If you have a rate that involves a flat fee for one or more children, leave all rates blank except the All Others Rate, and set the value equal to the flat fee.

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