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A company such as Vanco Payment Solutions, in collaboration with PDS, can process one-time or recurring collections to major credit cards, checking, and savings accounts electronically. Use this feature for weekly, monthly, or periodic contributions, pledge drive payments, or tuition and fee payments.

Setting Up and Using eGiving

You must complete several steps prior to using the electronic giving (EFT) feature with your PDS Office program.

 To set up eGiving
  1. Contact a clearing house company, such as Vanco Payment Solutions, to obtain a company ID and password.
  2. On the File menu, click Setup > eGiving Setup.
  3. To stop a family's scheduled deductions if their PDS account balance is zero or they overpaid on a fund, select Check for balance due when assigning charges.

    Useful Information

    If you don't select this option, the scheduled deduction occurs regardless.

  4. Select what you use for transactions, and enter your information.
  5. If you selected an ACH option and you use a Canadian bank, select Canadian.
  6. If you process Vanco online payments and want to see if donors have recurring payments, select Import Recurring Payments as PDS Terms and Rates. Optionally, you can ignore any recurring payments before a certain date. If you don't track pledge information in PDS or if you don't send statements of pledging, clear this option.

    Useful Information

    If selected, when processing your online payments, you can view the recurring payment information. Then, the new terms and rates are created for those.
    It won't duplicate existing rates.

  7. If you import Vanco recurring payments as terms and rates, you can select to treat one-time Vanco payments as pledges.
  8. When you're finished, click Save/OK > Close.


You must enter the family's terms and rates for payment before you can obtain the family's bank account or credit card information. For more, see Post eGiving.

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