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You can record cash contributions that can't be attributed to a particular family by navigating to Information > Families. Add a family record called "[Loose" and then open funds for that record as needed. This makes it possible to track the total loose collection on a regular basis.

 To add a loose collection
  1. At the top, click Add Family.
  2. In the Add Family dialog box, click Add New Family.
  3. In the ID/Envelope field, enter "[Loose".
  4. In the Family Name field, enter "[Loose".
  5. Click Save.

Useful Information

The left square bracket and the term "Loose" are required for the ID/Envelope number.


After you set up a loose collection:

  • You can include the loose collection record when printing family and financial reports.
  • You can post amounts to the loose collection record using a quick posting or by posting it directly in the Rates/History/Keywds window of the Contributions section.
  • In the quick posting and financial total reports, amounts posted to the loose collection record are totaled separately and printed after the family totals.
  • If you want to track the loose contributions for multiple services, you can set up special activities within the fund that can be used to identify each service.


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