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PDS Church Office 9 Release 12-13-18

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We recommend upgrading to PDS Church Office 9.0A, which offers the following enhancements.



New Features

New eGiving Solution

Our new eGiving solution, Abundant, features online, mobile, and text giving to grow your ministry. It integrates with PDS contributions, so you can upload funds for online giving, and link transaction and donor information.

After donors give online using Abundant, you can import those gifts into PDS, and they display on the individual's contribution record.

View our help pages to learn more about creating an Abundant account, managing activities that donors give toward, and posting eGiving from Abundant.

Track Event Attendance with Badges

Now you can print badges that track event attendance. In the Event Attendance process, you can:

  • Post attendance for an event or class
  • See when people arrive and leave
  • Ensure that only authorized parents or guardians pick up children at events.

Delete Records Based on Giving

We created a process to delete or inactivate families who haven't given or pledged within a specified time period.

View Archived Information

Ever wanted to restore a backup without losing your current data? Now you can! When you load an existing backup, you can temporarily view data and run reports without affecting your latest information. The menu bar displays in red so you know you're viewing the archive.

This also provides a way to pull an archived family back into your current data. For details and steps, see View Information from Archived Files.

Search for Celebrants

You can search your list to insert a celebrant for a sacrament. Click Celebrant from List then Search on a member's sacrament tab. Then, start typing the name or select one from the drop-down list.

Search for Sacrament Places

Know where a sacrament place is located, but can't remember exactly how it's named in the program? Now you can search for a place by name, city/state, country, and/or ZIP code. Click Search Place on a member's sacrament tab, and enter what you know to view matching places.

Export and Import Family Information

We added a way to pull families from one data set into another.

Export a family to send their family, member, and fund information to a text file. By default, the exported files are saved in your Data folder with the family's last name as the file name, but you can edit either of these to meet your needs.

Import a family to create a new family using the information from a text file.

Personnel Quick Postings

We added several new personnel quick postings. You can post keywords, pictures, background check information, and other requirements.

Activate/Inactivate and Delete Multiple Personnel Records

We created two new processes to activate/inactivate personnel and to delete a group of personnel at once.

Reorder Funds List

You can reorder your funds in the lists that display throughout the program. That way, you can see the funds you use most often at the top.

Personnel Keywords and Location

User keywords are now available for personnel records.

These options show up on the personnel's Primary Information window.

In the same window, we added a Location field.

Recalculate Names and Salutations

In the Change Names process, we added a new option to recalculate mailing names and salutations.

During this process, all existing mailing names, formal salutations, and informal salutations are removed and replaced with the default values based on the first and last names you originally entered. This is essentially the same as clicking Recalculate in the Family Name dialog box.

This is especially helpful if you've converted your data and have blank mailing and salutation fields.

Fund Comments

Add any comments about a family's fund in the Rates/History/Keywds window.

Once you've entered a comment, an asterisk (*) displays on the button.

Family/Member Phone and Email Lists

When you hover over the grids, the phone numbers and emails for all family members display. Once you click in the grid, a dialog box now displays a complete list of family and member phones or emails.

Here, you can add, edit, and delete phones or emails. Select whether each item shows in the family window or only in an individual's Communication window. If you clear all check boxes for an item, it's deleted from all windows.

We also added a new process you can use to add family phones/emails to member records.


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Improved Features

New Options When Adding Families

 When you click Add Family, you have options for which type of family to add. If you know the family was previously deleted from your program or currently exists in a program you share data with, add an archived family. Otherwise, add a new family.

More Efficient Searches

 Control the size of your recent searches and pinned records list. Click Clear the List to remove all entries, or select a record and click X to remove it from the list.

Fund Search Options

In addition to fund number/name, you can now search by activity name or group name in the Fund Setup window. Click a result to go to the fund.

SpeedCheck Batch Information

Now you can see the number of checks and the total amount when importing batches in SpeedCheck.

Automatic Batch Date

Now, when you enter rate information in the Rates/History/Keywds window, the batch date is updated with today's date. You can print it on reports using Fund Rate Batch Date or Fund Rate Pledge Date.

Improved Member Reassignment

When you reassign a member to an existing family and they're the last person on the record, you now have options to copy contact information from the old record.

Print Setup for All Funds

We updated the print function in the Fund Setup window so you can print for all funds.

Ministries and Talents on Online Forms

When creating an online registration form, you can now choose which ministry and talent statuses display.

Updated Canadian Receipt URL

To comply with the Canadian Revenue Agency's changes, the agency's name and website address now display at the bottom of the Canadian tax receipts.

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New and Improved Reports

Export to Excel

 You can now create export reports that open in Microsoft Excel.

Export to QuickBooks

 When you export your batch totals to QuickBooks using a csv file, the process now works better with QuickBooks Online. It no longer exports the Bank Account line, and the payment totals display in the file as positive amounts instead of negative amounts.

Print the Family Head Title

We added Head Title to the list of fields to print in Family and Member reports. You can also use it in Additional Selections and on the Family Listing Screen.

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