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9.0F Release 7-23-19

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PDS Church Office 9.0F, released for OnDemand 7-23-19 and for desktop 7-30-19, offers the following enhancements.

New Features

Baptism Certificate for RCIA Candidate

There's a new member report called Baptism Certificate for RCIA Candidate. It uses the Profession of Faith check box and date from the Member Baptism tab.

If the member was baptized in another faith, that information prints on the front of the certificate. A notation prints on the back and shows the Profession of Faith date and the church information.

Personnel Birth Date List

Now there's a report that lists personnel birthdays. Under All Personnel Reports, expand Listing Reports, and click Personnel Birth Date List. You can select how to sort the list and which months to print.

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Improved Features

Member Types on Email Registration

The email registration form now places members in the appropriate sections on the form.

The process also does a better job of matching members when the user doesn't select a head and spouse. The following relationship types are working better: Mother, Father, Mom, Dad, Parent, Guardian, P/G, Stepmother, Stepfather, Stepmom, and Stepdad.

Print "&" or "and" in Family Titles

The preferred family title option you select in the Initial Setup now determines whether family titles print "&" or "and" for name formats.

Omit eGiving Summary

We added an option on the report that prints after you post eGiving and when you reprint a batch. Now, you can decide whether to include or omit the summary page.

Address Line 2 in Reports

In the Family Street Basic Report and the Family Street Quick Listing, we added an option.

You should select this if you enter apartment numbers on Address Line 2. That way, the report prints both address lines.

NCOA as Reason for Change

When logging significant changes, you can now select "NCOA" as a reason from the predefined list.

Useful Information

You can prompt the logging of changes by selecting the Ask for Reason on Significant Changes option in the Initial Setup window.

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We fixed the following issues that affected some of our clients.

  • When previewing the online registration form, an asterisk incorrectly displayed beside fields that were not marked as required.
  • Each time you exported to the Church Budget Envelope Co., the selections you made for which envelopes to include were not being retained.
  • When creating an ACH file to give a Canadian bank, some lines in the file contained unwanted zeros.
  • If you used the Move Fund Entries process only to assign the next batch number to the entire batch, the change was not being made.
  • When selecting "M/M" in the family title drop-down list, "Mr." was displaying instead.
  • In OnDemand, an error displayed when trying to make changes in the Email & Text Setup.

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