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9.1D Release 5-5-20

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PDS Church Office 9.1D, originally released for desktop 5-5-20, then re-released for desktop and OnDemand 5-14-20, offers the following enhancements.

Improved Features

Email Address Format

When you email a letter or report, the program now validates whether your From Email Address and Reply Email Address are formatted correctly. This way, your recipients will have no trouble contacting you if needed.

A valid email address should contain the @ character, a period, and no spaces. You're prompted if the format is missing one of these.


We fixed the following issues that affected some of our clients.

  • The report field, Grand Total Remaining, was not including non-cash donations.
  • When importing batches using SpeedCheck, an error displayed if a check number was longer than 10 characters, and the rest of the batch was not posting.