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8.0A Release 8-23-16


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We recommend upgrading to PDS DioOffice 8.0A, which was initially released 7-21-16. We made some corrections in this version, which were released 8-23-16.


New Features

Managing Families Registered at Multiple Parishes

 We changed the way DioOffice handles families registered at multiple parishes. In previous versions, if a family is registered at more than one parish, they have a family record for each parish, and all but one of those records are marked as duplicates.

 Now, you no longer have to deal with "duplicate" records. There is a single family record that shows the primary parish. All other parishes associated with the family (that is, if they share the same diocesan ID) can be viewed and updated in the Manage Parishes window.

 Note that all of a family's funds must be associated with the primary parish. We added a process you can use to identify issues with families registered at multiple parishes.

Better Searching

 We changed the Search By drop-down list to a new Search dialog box. You have all the options from Version 7, plus some!

 You can also add important records to a "pinned" list, along with your recent searches.

 After you add a record, it displays in the search drop-down list.

Filter Your List of Records

We added filters to the Families window so you can control which records show up.

If you select a family record that's not visible in your filter (from search results), the filter is turned off.

Sign Up for Vanco eGiving

 We added a link on the Online Resources menu to sign up for eGiving through Vanco.

 We now use the term "eGiving" to represent electronic fund transfers (EFT).

Find Out What's New

 Do you read release notes? (Well, you're reading them right now!) We made it easier to get to them.

 When there are new release notes, you'll see the yellow bell icon at the top-right. Once you click the bell and see the release notes, it changes to white.


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Improved Features

Redesigned Grids and Buttons

 We improved the look of grids and grid buttons. Instead of the words Insert or Line Delete, we used the icons you're familiar with for adding  and deleting , and a new icon to represent reordering .

Find All Your Processes in One Place

 Have you ever been looking for a quick posting or process but couldn't remember where it was? Now, you don't have to worry! We created shortcuts for all your quick postings and processes under a Processes tab.

 You can still find each one under its original section, too.

Collapsible Access and Privileges

 If you've set up access and privileges, you know how hard it can be to scroll through all the program areas. We redesigned the grid so you can easily see the windows in the program level you want. You can expand and collapse the rows for better viewing.

 We also added a handy Find button so you can search for a specific window or process.

Post Based on Financial Selections

 We added the ability to include fund selections during family quick postings.

 That way, you can post information to families and members based on financial data.

Mark All Family Addresses as Unlisted

 We added a check box that marks all of a family's addresses unlisted. That way, if you have people like police, judges, or celebrities, you can be sure their addresses won't be published in reports that may go out, such as a directory.

 We added an option so you can decide how to print these in reports.


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New and Improved Reports

Updated Canadian Tax Report

 We improved three tax reports: Canadian Tax Receipt, Canadian Tax Receipt - Alternate Format, and Canadian Non Cash Tax Receipt.

 You can reprint Canadian tax statements for a family, if needed.

  • In the Additional Layout window, there's an option to print a replacement receipt. Make sure to use selections so you only reprint for the family you need.
  • Receipt numbers are logged so you can remain compliant with Canadian law regarding charitable contributions.

Custom Emails with Images

 You can create and send your own emails using HTML from PDS. Click Add in the Reports window, and click HTML Email.

 You can also insert images from your computer or from the web into your email.

Search for a Particular Report

 In the report list, you can now find a report you're looking for without expanding all the groups.


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We fixed the following issues that affected some of our customers:

  • Searching for a fund entry didn't work with the new filter.
  • An error displayed after editing the Parish ID when managing multiple parishes.
  • Some plain text emails showed up as attachments or spam on some email programs.


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