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8.0B Release 10-4-16

To get the latest version, go to the File menu in your program and click Check for Program Update. Or, just click Download Now.

We recommend updating to DioOffice 8.0B, which offers the following enhancements.

New Features

Scan and Deposit Checks in PDS

With the new SpeedCheck feature, you can scan a batch of your contributors' checks, deposit them into your diocese's bank account, and post them in PDS.

You can even set up Bill Pay accounts to easily connect families you've previously processed.

For more information, visit our website or contact our Sales team at 1-800-892-5202.

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Improved Features

Sync One Family at a Time

Synchronizing all families at once can take a long time. So we added a button that applies the requested action to one family. Click the family you're ready to update, then click Apply Now.

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