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8.0D Release 11-30-16


To get the latest version, go to the File menu in your program and click Check for Program Update. Or, just click Download Now.


We recommend updating to DioOffice 8.0D, which offers the following enhancements.


New Features

Clergy and Religious Legal Name

For clergy and religious, you can now enter a legal name that is different from the name that displays on the record.

For example, before "Sister Mary Catherine" became a nun, she was "Catherine Suzanne Adams". You can show her religious name but keep her legal name on record. That way, you can search by either name to find the record.

Click Private/Spouse on the left, and enter the legal name on the Private tab.


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Improved Features

EMM Trays in EZ-Mail

We modified the EZ-Mail process to support EMM letter trays. In Step 1, select the type of trays you need.

We updated the postage statement so the information prints correctly on the form.

Import Acceptiva Batches

If you use Acceptiva to process transactions, you can now import your batches into PDS. For more information and steps on importing, see Post eGiving.

Pull In Vanco Family Email Addresses

You can now import family email addresses into PDS from Vanco. In the eGiving quick posting, use the transfer type Vanco–Auto Connect and select Import Email from Vanco.

Canadian SIN in Reports

Last month, we changed the format and label of the Social Insurance Number (SIN) for our Canadian clients (based on the Zip Code entered in your license window).

To top this off, we updated all references to the American term in reports with the Canadian SIN.

Match Pledges with Payments

Sometimes people contribute more than they pledged. On reports, you may want to increase the pledge amount to match the total paid so they show the same amount. We added an option in the Print Overpayments As drop-down list to do that.

Match EZ-Mail Mailing and Report Dates

Previously when printing mailing labels with an EZ-Mail sort, you received a message if the mailing date was different from the report date. You then had to go back a few steps and manually edit the report date.

Now, the program checks for you and provides an easy way to change the report date to match the mailing date.


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Orthodox Changes

Greek Orthodox Installation

 We added a Greek Orthodox check box in the DioOffice setup wizard. If selected, you can access options related to Greek Orthodox Metropolises.

 With the Greek Orthodox installation, a new, empty database is created. We changed all references to "diocese" to "metropolis" to better fit your needs, including reports. We will continue to improve your Orthodox experience in future releases.

 You can turn this feature off at any time by clearing the check box on the Initial Setup window.

Offikion and Episcopacy Tabs

 On the Clergy and Religious Status/Ordination window, we added new tabs for tracking Offikion and Episcopacy information. These include fields for title, date, metropolis, parish, location, and bestowing hierarch.

Clergy Spouse Birth Place

 On the Spouse tab of the clergy's Private/Spouse window, we added the field Spouse Birth Place.


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We fixed the following issues that affected some of our clients.

  • There were some display issues when using the 20% font setting.
  • The Quick Lookup (Alt + Q) only found email addresses if they were listed first on a record.
  • When logging a letter, if you cleared your selection for Mark Them As and unchecked the box, the information was still logged on the family's record.
  • When exporting to an Excel spreadsheet without headers and footers, duplicate entries sometimes displayed.
  • If you were on a financial window and clicked to go to Member & Constituent, the member record of a different family displayed.
  • In the Pledge Card quick posting, if you pulled up a family's record that was inactive for a parish then tried to move to the family's active record, the parish of the inactive record still displayed on the active record.


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