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8.0E Release 3-16-17


To get the latest version, go to the File menu in your program and click Check for Program Update. Or, just click Download Now.


We recommend updating to DioOffice 8.0E, which offers the following enhancements.


New Features

Postal Changes Effective January 22, 2017

The US Postal Service made the following changes:

  • Changed Standard Mail wording to Marketing Mail
  • Changed the layout on postage statements and forms
  • Changed prices for First Class stamps, and First Class and Marketing Mail
  • Updated weight limit for piece pricing of Marketing Mail Letters and Flats
  • Combined 3-digit and AADC sorting
  • Changed FSS Scheme

For more on these changes, see the USPS Overview of Key Changes.

If you're on the latest version, you were prompted to download the latest postal forms on January 22. Otherwise, please update your program to get the changes.

Online Data Security Update

After June 1, 2017, we will disable TLS 1.0 and upgrade to TLS 1.2. This affects all of our public APIs and online payment transactions. If you use those, you must update your operating systems and browsers and inform your congregants to upgrade as well.

For more information on what this means for you, see our official notice for the Security Update for Our API Consumers.

Log Members Marked Deceased

If you log significant changes, now you'll see an entry when a user marks a member as deceased.

Warning for Insufficient Funds

If a donor has had insufficient funds in the past, you now see a warning when posting payments/donations. This way, you can make sure the donor has sufficient funds before posting so you aren't charged bank fees.

The donor's name displays in pink if they have entries posted to Ignore type activities or have "ISF" or "Error" in the check number for the fund period.

Add a Record from a Payment Import File

You can now add new members "on the fly" while posting payments using FACTS or Vanco. This is helpful if a guest or new member gives money before you've had the chance to add a record for them.

If a new person is found in your import file, you're prompted to add a record.


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Improved Features

Complete Information on Hover

In the Rates/History/Keywds window, you can now hover over the family name or ID number to see the complete information. This is helpful if you have a long name or ID that causes the information to be cut off.

Resize Vanco EFT Window

When you view EFT information, the Vanco webpage automatically resizes. Now, you can see all the information within the PDS window.

Edit Donor Information During Posting

Now you can make changes to phone numbers and emails when posting pledge cards or payments/donations. After you select the family, click Change Family Info in Pledge Card Entry or Change Fam Info/View Mems in Payment/Donation Entry.

Then click the tabs to view the members in that family and edit phone numbers and email addresses.


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Orthodox Changes

Orthodox Summary Reports

We added two reports that summarize information from a clergy or a religious personnel record. These reports are useful for preparing a service or publication.

The summaries include information about the person, their family, education, ordination and offikia, parishes they served, and history of loan or incardination.

You can find the Clergy Summary Report under Clergy listing reports, and the Religious Summary Report is under Religious listing reports.


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We fixed the following issues that affected some of our clients.

  • You were not able to view or finish a batch of pledge cards another user started.
  • When adding a new member, the title was defaulting to Ms. instead of Mr..
  • When posting multiple terms and rates to a family using individual entry, the same transaction displayed for each entry you entered for the family.
  • The signature box wasn't printing on the Canadian Tax Receipt reports in OnDemand.
  • An error displayed after adding a new report and typing in a report owner instead of selecting one from the list.


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