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8.1A Release 9-14-17


To get the latest version, go to the File menu in your program and click Check for Program Update. Or, just click Download Now.


We recommend updating to DioOffice 8.1A, which offers the following enhancements.

Improved Features

Remove Family Keywords During Quick Posting

In the Family Keywords quick posting, you can now remove existing keywords from family records.

Expanded Raiser's Edge Import

We expanded the Raiser's Edge Import to include head and spouse genders.

On the Process tab, you now have the option to mark today as the date that new families registered (if any new family records are added). Additionally, you can add up to two keywords on the imported family records, as well as a remark.

Post Payments from Businesses

We modified the Payment/Donation Entry quick posting to include businesses. Enter the name or ID number to post a payment for the business. Any businesses you add here show up in the list from this point forward.

Email Canadian Tax Receipts

You can now send Canadian tax reports via email. Run the report you want, and select when to email the receipts.

This includes the Canadian Tax Receipt, Canadian Tax Receipt - Alternate Format, and Canadian Non Cash Tax Receipt.

Reason for Changing Subscriber Status

If you set the program to ask for a reason for change, you'll be prompted to select a reason when you select or clear the Subscriber check box. The prompt displays when you change a record manually or when you use the quick posting.

Retain Deceased Status

If any families have been marked as "Deceased", "Died", or "Dead" in DioOffice but are still active in Church Office, their status is no longer changed when you accept parish changes.

For example, in the image above, we see that Jack Thompson has been marked as deceased in DioOffice, but the parish still shows him as an active individual. After we accept the changes from the parish, Jack's record will still show "Deceased" on the diocesan record.

Improved Performance

We optimized the Families and Members windows to speed up the time it takes to move from one record to the next.

Deleting Records

Some folks had trouble with accidentally deleting records. If you pressed Enter when the confirmation message displayed, it was accepted as "yes, delete the record".

Now, when you click Delete, you must click Yes or press the Y key to delete the record.


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Back-End/IT Changes

Removed FTPS Folder

To support enhanced security related to TSL, we updated the SSLeay32.dll and Libeay32.dll files. They're now installed in the program directory, so the FTPS folder is no longer needed.

When you run the full install, it will no longer create the FTPS folder. If the folder already exists in your files, the update will attempt to remove the libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll files, then delete the FTPS folder if it's empty.


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We fixed the following issues that affected some of our clients.

  • When syncing data using the Found in Another Parish filter, if you clicked Apply Now then went back to the List of Requested Additions, Deletions, and Changes, the filter was no longer selected.
  • When adding to the donor list during Pledge Card Entry, the institution was not found after typing the name or ID.
  • If your Acceptiva import file had blank ID numbers, some families were matched with the wrong records.
  • You could not enter a rate of $0.00 in the Pledge Card Entry quick posting.
  • The program locked up when processing Vanco online payments for new members who had a matching phone number in PDS.
  • If you had a hyphen in fund names (like Formation 2016-2017), the Fund Name button was not working.
  • When posting eGiving using Vanco - AutoConnect with Online and Card Swipe, if you clicked Print then Cancel and completed the batch, the online transactions that were pulled from Vanco were then pushed out to Vanco as a second transaction.


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