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8.1B Release 10-12-17


To get the latest version, go to the File menu in your program and click Check for Program Update. Or, just click Download Now.


We recommend updating to DioOffice 8.1B, which offers the following enhancements.

New and Improved Features

Future Vanco Pledges

If you use Vanco, you can now pull in pledges that start on a future date. You'll see these along with your regular pledges when you post eGiving.

Let's say a parishioner sets up a pledge for 01/01/18 - 06/30/18. You can go ahead and pull that information in as soon as it's entered at Vanco instead of waiting until January.

Copy/Paste Lists into Additional Selections

Let's say you have a spreadsheet with a list of ID numbers for new families. If you want to run a report for those families, you don't have to re-type all those numbers. Instead, you can copy the list and paste it into additional selections.

This applies to any additional selection field that allows you to enter text, and in quick postings.


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Orthodox Changes

Add Interactions to Google Calendar

Now you can upload family letters, visits, and other interactions to Google Calendar, just like parishes can in the Greek install of Church Office.

In the family's Letters, Visits, Etc window, click Upload to Google Calendar. See Track Interactions With People for details and steps to upload.


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We fixed the following issues that affected some of our clients.

  • It was possible to change the church for an existing fund period to match another fund period. Now, you'll get a warning that this could cause a duplicate.
  • In quick postings, the fund period was not defaulting to the current year.
  • After exporting families to a spreadsheet, some spouse last names were not displaying.
  • When adding a new family, if you entered "Mr. and Mrs.", the head and spouse titles were not separated into "Mr." for the head and "Mrs." for the spouse.
  • After modifying an entry in the Rates/History/Keywds window, if you clicked Cancel, a different family record displayed.
  • After clicking the Map button for an address, you couldn't access Google Street View.
  • If you entered a space after an ID number, the record was not displaying when you searched by ID.


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