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A family can be registered at multiple parishes. However, their record should be associated with only one primary parish. All of the family's funds should also be linked to one primary parish.

You can view a list of additional parishes by navigating to Families > Families.

 To manage multiple parishes for a family record
  1. Locate the family record you want to view.
  2. In the Primary Information window, beside Parish/Org, click Manage Parishes.
  3. All parishes associated with the family display.
  4. You can edit additional parish information in this window, if needed.
  5. To set a different parish as the family's primary, select the parish, and click Set As Primary.

    Useful Information

    When you change the primary parish, the following are copied over from the previous primary parish: phone numbers, email addresses, family keywords, remarks, letters, documents, and the Inactive option. Any values in the new primary parish are kept as they are.

  6. When you're finished, click Close.


If you cleared the Force the use of Manage Parishes option in the Initial Setup window, you can select the parish/organization from the drop-down lists. But be careful, as changing the parish can affect synchronization.


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