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9.0G Release 9-3-19

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PDS DioOffice 9.0G, released for OnDemand 9-3-19 and for desktop 9-10-19, offers the following enhancements.

Improved Features

Repeat Information from the Last Entry

When you modify a batch and add an entry, some fields are repeated from the last line so you don't have to enter the same information over again.

On the Payments/Fees tab, it repeats the date, fund number, fund year, and activity name. On the Terms & Rates tab, it repeats the fund number, fund year, activity name, start date, and end date.

Baptismal Certificates

We added the report Baptismal Certificate Half Page & Back. You can select whether it prints the front, back, or both sides and how to handle blank sacraments.

The Baptismal Certificate Full Page report has been replaced with the Full Page & Back. You can still just print the front if you'd like, but you now have the option to print the notations on the back.

You can print these from the Reports window or by clicking Print Certificate in the Baptism Register.

We also added spouse information to the marriage notations on the back.

Log Changes to Sacrament Registers

The Log of User Activity now records changes made in the Sacramental Registers.

Identify and Fix Left Justified ID Numbers

Some dioceses have IDs that are left justified, which caused problems when matching families. The Identify Issues with Families Registered at Multiple Parishes process now checks for those ID numbers and makes them right justified if you choose to fix the issues.

Set a Certificate's Font

Now you can change the default font for a certificate. In the Listing Layout window, click Set Base Font, and select the font you want for this certificate.

This selection is per report. You can also set the default font for all reports under Setup.

SpeedCheck Starting Batch Date

When importing batches with SpeedCheck, you can enter a starting date to import batches. Any batches before 12:01am on that date are not pulled in. This is helpful if you've recently moved to a new computer, and you're seeing batches that have been posted.

If you don't enter a starting date, SpeedCheck imports all the batches that haven't been posted.

Merge Duplicate Families

We added the ability to merge family records in the Check for Duplicate Families process. Select Include Merge in the list of Actions, then you can select which records to merge. When you're ready, click Apply Now to merge the families.

Merging will move the phone numbers, email addresses, street/mailing/alternate addresses, family keywords, members, and other information from one family record to the other. The old record that you merge data from will be deleted.


Please note that you may have duplicate email addresses on the family record after merging. Also, this process does not merge member records. You must manage these manually.

Hide Gender When Adding Families

We added an option in the Initial Setup for Hide Head/Spouse Gender when Adding Family. If selected, you won't see the gender options in the Family Name dialog box, and the gender will be male for the head and female for the spouse.


We fixed the following issue that affected some of our customers:

  • In the Sacramental Register, if you canceled out before printing a certificate or notification, the parish name at the top disappeared. If you left the screen and came back, it reappeared.

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