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Before you perform your first backup, you must perform the actions in the following list. For more information about creating backups, see Backing Up Data Manually.

  • Review the settings on the Backup Current Data window. Specifically, make sure that you select the drive where you want to create the backups.
  • Make sure that you have plenty of disks to complete the backup. High-capacity drives, such as ZIP drives, can create the backup on one disk. However, high-density diskettes can require multiple disks. PDS backup files require at least 0.5 MB of free space.
  • Format and label all disks. To verify that a disk is ready for use, copy a small file to it. If the computer does not report an error, the disk is ready for use. For information about formatting disks, see your operating system documentation.


When you run the first backup, you are prompted to delete the existing files from the set.

  • To delete the indicated files from all disks in the backup set, click Yes.
  • To keep the indicated files, click No and use a different disk.
  • To stop the backup, click Cancel.

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