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Sometimes, restoring data is a better option than fixing numerous incorrect entries.


If you use OnDemand and need to restore a previous backup, contact PDS Support at 1-877-737-4457.

With this process, you can:

  • Restore data from a backup file. For example, if you enter a large amount of incorrect data, you can restore a previous version of the data and enter the correct information.
  • Move data to a newly purchased computer.
  • Replace files lost due to hard drive failure or file damage.

You cannot restore backup data from read-only media such as CD-ROM disks. To restore data included on read-only media, copy the file to a rewritable drive, and then clear the Read-only option in the Microsoft Windows file properties dialog box. For more information, see Microsoft help.


When you restore from a backup, you overwrite data entered after the backup was created.

On the menu at the top, click Backup/Restore > Restore Data from a Prior Backup. Make your selections, and click Next. When you're ready, click Start Restore.

Advanced Restore Options

Backup files contain multiple smaller files. When you complete a standard restore process, all the smaller files are restored.

In the Advanced Restore Options window, you can view the smaller files included in the backup file, and select individual files you want to restore. If you select a .db file, any other files that share the file name are automatically selected. Under Reports and Styles, the reports added by users display.


Do not use Advanced Restore Options unless you understand the database. If you restore an incorrect set of files, use the PDS Rescue program to restore all your files.

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