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8.0F Release 3-30-17


To get the latest version, go to the File menu in your program and click Check for Program Update. Or, just click Download Now.


We recommend updating to Formation Office 8.0F, which offers the following enhancements.

New Features

Post Student Type

You can now quickly post student types to multiple records using the Student Type quick posting. This is helpful, for example, if you want to change all 18-year-olds from the type Child to Adult each year before running your annual reports.

Vanco Credits

PDS now handles credited transactions. When you pull online payments from Vanco, any credits back to a family are pulled into PDS as credits, not payments.

Picture Selection

We added the option Has Picture back in report selections. This is useful to see if any family, member, or personnel record is missing a picture.

You can select the option from Fam - Detial, Mem - Detail, or Personnel - Detail.


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Improved Features

Attendance App Improvements

We improved two parts of the online attendance app:

  • If a catechist is marking attendance online, and you start working in the desktop process, the catechist now sees a message when they try to save.
    They can save their changes after you finish the process as long as they keep their browser open and active.

Mark Personnel Inactive

You may have students or parents/guardians who are also personnel. If you mark them inactive, you're now prompted to make the personnel record inactive, too.

Sacramental Register Field View

We changed the field view of Sacramental Registers. Now, the page options are separate from the actual entry. You have all the same options, they're just organized better.

The options refer to the last entry in the register, not the one you're viewing. For example, in the image below, the baptism entry for Jeane Van Loon is in Volume 8, on Page 6, and is entry number 260. The last entry in this register, for your reference, is in Volume 9, on Page 8, and is entry number 360.

Match Vanco and PDS IDs

When posting Vanco payments, you can match a family using their ID number. Before, you had to go online to update the family's Vanco record. Now, PDS automatically updates that ID number with Vanco.

Unmatched Vanco Families

When posting information from Vanco, some families may not be matched by ID or name/address, or the fund may not be found. If you don't manually match the PDS record or fund, the family is not posted.

Now, the batch report prints entries that were not posted at Vanco or in PDS and entries that weren't selected for posting.

Acceptiva with Family ID

When importing information from Acceptiva, you can now include the family ID number.

If a family is matched using the ID but the name or address doesn't match the record, you'll see a message.

Expanded City/State Field

We increased the character limit for City/State. We're looking at you, Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA!


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We fixed the following issues that affected some of our clients.

  • Member sacrament records were changed incorrectly after updating the sacramental register.
  • An error displayed when searching by Family or Member Email Address, Family or Member Phone, and Family or Member Phone with Area Code.
  • Some baptism information was not synchronized between the member sacrament and Sacramental Register.
  • The Collection Rate report was printing the last rate instead of the collection rate. 
  • You were not able to view or finish a batch of pledge cards another user started.


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