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8.2F Release 9-6-18


To get the latest version, go to the File menu in your program and click Check for Program Update. Or, just click Download Now.


We recommend updating to Formation Office 8.2F, which offers the following enhancements.

Improved Features

eGiving Totals

 In the eGiving quick posting, the total only includes amounts that will be posted. This total updates as you select or clear items in the grid.



We fixed the following issues that affected some of our clients.

  • When you emailed a student letter report that was sorted by class/session name, all the emails were delivered to the first student in the class list. 

  • When creating an online registration form, if you selected to include the non-required family information, the payments would submit but the form would not.

  • In a family's head of household section, when you entered "Rev Mr. & Mrs." for the title, the program inserted an extra blank space between "Mr." and the "&".
  • If you added a new family during a quick posting or process, the family information was not automatically inserted into the Add a Family dialog box.
  • The eGiving quick posting was allowing pledges from Vanco with a start or end date outside of the fund period. Now, if the start/end date is outside of the fund period, it's changed to match the fund period start/end date.
  • Under certain conditions, checks linked to the incorrect family in SpeedCheck.
  • When multiple users ran payment processes simultaneously in OnDemand, the same batch number was being assigned in both processes.
  • If you changed the class size limit after creating an online form, that class was no longer an option on the form once you refreshed.



(star) We're working hard on the next version of PDS! Keep an eye out for the Version 9 upgrade in the next few months.