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Did your administrator set you up as a user in this program, then expect you to know what to do?
If the program has already been set up, but you are new to it, use the New User Checklist to learn about using the program and getting help. You can check off each item as you complete it.

On the Home window, click New User Checklist to display the checklist. This button displays by default for new users. To hide the button, click the Screen Configuration icon  on the Quick Access toolbar. Then in the Configure Home Screen section, clear the check box beside Show the New User Checklist Button.

New User Checklist

Once you have been added as a user in the program, review the following:

(tick) Click the tabs on the ribbon bar to navigate to major parts of the program. On each tab, click the icons to move to a window. On the Information tab, you can enter information about students, families, parents/guardians, tuition and fees, and class schedules. On the Personnel tab, enter data related to catechists, staff, clergy and religious, and volunteers. On the Reports tab, you can create and print reports. On the Processes tab, you can access all quick postings and processes. On the Administration tab, you can set up funds and work with users and passwords. The File menu provides other features and utilities.

(tick) Above the ribbon bar is a row of icons called the Quick Access Toolbar. This includes some navigation shortcuts for back and forward, clipboard tools for undo, cut, copy, paste, and additional helpful tools. Hover over each icon for a short description.

(tick) Several windows have a short tutorial video. Click the video icon  to go to the online tutorial library..

(tick) There are many resources available to help you learn to use the program. Check out the training site to learn about additional videos, live web classes, and one-on-one online training. Training may also be available from your local dealer.

(tick) The online User Guide provides instructions for using the program. Go to File > User Guides > User Guide. Check out the Getting Started section for program tips.

(tick) To view online Help from within the program, press F1 on your keyboard. A specific topic from the User Guide displays in your default Internet browser and provides you with information about the program window you're on. Try going to several different windows and press F1.

(tick) The Preferred Client Program (PCP) has software upgrades, software support, special services and exclusive discounts. Check with your local administrator to see if you are enrolled in this program or a similar program provided by a local dealer.

(tick) Each year, the Ideas to Impact Conference provides an opportunity for you to discover what’s new, learn new things, and meet new people. Start talking with others in your organization about how to attend this important event.

(tick) Stuck, need help, or have a problem? The PDS Support Team is available, or a local dealer may be available for support. Check out the Client Portal (some features require PCP).

(tick) Show the New User Checklist button on the Home window. Clear this option to hide the button.

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