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With this option, you can set up important dates about the current year. On the File menu, click Setup > Special Days & Holidays.

Additional Field Information

Special Date Name
If you used the Automatic Setup for a New Year button to add a list of Special Dates, a name displays here for each date that is set up. When adding your own special dates, you also enter your own date name.

Calculation for Next Year
Determines when your special day or holiday displays in your Home window. You cannot delete or modify these predefined calculations.

Automatic Setup for a New Year
Set up a list of predefined dates. You can replicate dates from a prior year or set up predefined secular, Canadian, Catholic, Jewish, or Eastern Orthodox dates.

  • Add new dates for — Enter a date range to set up dates.
  • Repeat dates already in the list — Set up dates for the new year based on dates that were previously set up.
  • Select predefined dates — Select to set up dates recognized as holidays and Holy Days. Click View Dates to see which dates are already included in the list.

Remove Dates from a Prior Year
Removes old entries for a date range that you specify.

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