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9.0D Release 4-30-19

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PDS Formation Office 9.0D, released for OnDemand 4-30-19 and for desktop 5-7-19, offers the following enhancements.

New Features

New Last Name Fields

We added three last name fields for family reports: Head Last, Mother Last, and Father Last. In the List of Fields to Print, these are located under Fam > Fam - Detail.

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Improved Features

Split Batches

Now, there's an easy way to split a batch into two batches with different batch numbers. You may need to do this if someone imported transactions into a batch that was supposed to be separate batches. For example, you want to move all of your entries from March to a new batch.

In the Move Fund Entries process, there's a new option to assign the next unused batch number to the selected fund activities. For more, see Move Fund Entries.

Assign Member Contact Information to Family Records

We improved the process that assigns family phones/emails to member records. Now, you can add phones/emails from members to the family record.

For steps, see Assign Family or Member Phones or Emails.

Family Name Format in Registration Email

Sometimes, the family name did not display correctly in the confirmation email that families receive when they submit their registration. Now, you can select which name format to use.

When creating an email registration, select to email the form to existing families, and you'll see the new drop-down list. Select how you want names to display.

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We fixed the following issues that affected some of our clients.

  • The Baptismal Certificate Half Page & Back was only printing one sponsor when two were listed.
  • After marking the last member of a family deceased, the Family Inactive date was not updating.
  • If you had the same phone number with different types (such as Personal and Text), one was being removed as a duplicate. Now, the program checks to see if the phone numbers and types match before removing duplicates.
  • When setting up sacrament place names and addresses, if you used Quick Lookup and the place was not in your data, you were prompted to add it. Since this is not how you add new places, a message now displays saying the place was not found.
  • When printing the Confirmation Certificate 2 Across from the Sacramental Register, the church name and address were not printing at the top.
  • If you do not allow blank IDs, new families registering online were given IDs starting with #1 each time you ran the process, which caused duplicate IDs.
  • In the online registration process, if you sent an email when there was no Head of Household, the form listed duplicate members after importing the file into PDS.
  • An error displayed for the Class/Session Enrollment Totals report when sorting by class name and using any additional selections.
  • When using OnDemand or remote access, the default local printer was not being automatically selected.
  • When posting eGiving using a .csv file, an error sometimes incorrectly displayed saying the file was not found or had an incorrect format.
  • Users were unable to change their password even when they had access to the Users & Passwords window.

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