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9.0E Release 6-11-19

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PDS Formation Office 9.0E, released for OnDemand 6-11-19 and for desktop 6-18-19, offers the following enhancements.

Improved Features

Managing Activities Used in Abundant

If you combine two activities in PDS, the change now shows in Abundant. Similarly, if you delete a fund and some activities are being used in Abundant, they now show as deactivated.

Date Left Parish for Inactive Families

Now, when you mark the last member in a family as inactive, you can automatically set the Left Parish date to today.

Sacrament Places on Registration Form

We added an option to include Sacraments Place on your online registration form.

On the form, families can select from your list of sacrament places.

Constant Contact Authorization

We updated the Constant Contact process to use a new API. Now, you can log in to your Constant Contact account to manage and retrieve lists without leaving your program. To do this, authorize PDS to access your account.

  • In the process, select your account, click Edit, click Authorize Account, and log in to your Constant Contact account.

  • You can also authorize access when you add a new account.

Then you can continue the process as usual. See Create Constant Contact Email Lists for help.


We fixed the following issues that affected some of our clients.

  • In Sacramental Registers, if you had unknown or approximate dates, the date displayed incorrectly in the search list.
  • When searching for class schedules, inactive class names were not displaying in red in the drop-down list.
  • If you opened a keyword dialog box from the File menu while in Sacramental Registers, all the register fields were temporarily cleared.
  • Previously, we updated the fields in Sacramental Registers from 40 to 100 characters, but we missed the Place of Baptism. We've fixed it.
  • When linking an existing member in the Sacramental Registers, the ZIP Code of the place of baptism was blank.
  • After linking an existing member in the Marriage Register, gender was not being set correctly which caused issues when you updated the member record.
  • If you use both Vanco and ACH, clicking the EFT button always displayed your Vanco account. Now, there are two buttons: EFT Info opens your Vanco information and ACH Info opens your ACH information.
  • After submitting the online registration, if families added a phone number that was on their record but used a different phone type, it was not updating in PDS.
  • When importing fund information, if an activity name was over 40 characters, an error displayed.
  • When pulling in Abundant transactions, sometimes the fund number was not included and the status "Fund not found" displayed.
  • If you selected to include Student User Keywords on the email registration form, the class and/or fee option screens were not displaying sometimes.
  • In OnDemand, the program was closing while importing eGiving transactions.

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