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We recommend periodically removing old event packages. Keeping unnecessary information in the database affects program efficiency.


Any scheduled events in the package must be removed before you can delete it.

Deleting an Event Package

Locate the event package record you want to delete, and click Delete Pkg at the top.

Deleting Multiple Event Packages

You can also delete multiple event packages at one time.

 To delete multiple event packages
  1. On the Information tab, click Event Packages.
  2. In the navigation pane, click Processes.
  3. Click Delete Packages.
  4. Select the event packages you want to delete, and click Next.
  5. Select the packages you want to delete.
  6. Select whether you want to delete charges and payments.

    Useful Information

    The charges and payments are listed in the Charges & Payments section of the Organizations & Individuals window. 

  7. Click Next. Review the packages to be deleted.
  8. Click Finish > Close.

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