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Keywords represent data you use throughout Facility Scheduler. You can add them on records for events, orgs & individuals, and facilities.

Keyword Categories

  • Address Types — Types of addresses people use, like "Home", "Office", and "Vacation".
  • City/State Names — Cities/states, country codes, area codes, and Zip/Postal codes to use in address fields. The Default City/State you select is automatically inserted when you click or tab to a blank City/State field.
  • Phone Description Names — Types of phone numbers people use, like "Home" and "Cell".
  • Request Types — Types of event requests you get, such as "Request Form", "Online Request", or "Phone Request".
  • Requirement Types — Things people are required to have or complete before they can use your facility. For example: "Application", "Birth Certificate", "Liability Insurance", and "Security Guard".

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