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In the Initial Setup window, you can specify various program options and preferences and set the default subdirectories. On the File menu, click Setup > Initial Setup.


Additional field information is listed below. Most fields are self-explanatory, so not all fields are documented.

Additional Field Information

Allow setup and cleanup times for two different events to overlap without marking as a conflict
If you select No, when scheduling an event, it displays as a conflict if the setup/cleanup time overlaps with another event's setup/cleanup time.

Will charges be billed for some events
You can set the default option for the Will Charges Apply? field in the scheduling wizards. This default can be overridden based on the type of charge you selected for a facility.

Default to Group Only for Calendars
If selected, events print on calendars by group name only. If you want subgroups to display along with the group name, clear this option.

Default to Group Only for Event Screen
If selected, events display in lists by group name only. If you want subgroups to show along with the group name, clear this option.

Name for Meetings
You can define the name used for meetings. This name displays on the Schedule button on the Information tab and the related windows. The default name is "Mass", so the button is called "Mass Schedule", and the related windows are "Mass Schedule" and "Mass Intentions".

Path to PDS Church, Formation, or School Office Data
If you plan to import data from other Office products, enter the path to the database. For example, X:\PDSOffice\Data.

Default Documents Subdirectory
Enter the path where you want to store the documents and/or pictures you use within the program. For more, see Add and View Documents.

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