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In the Charges/Payments window, you can view current group and activity names and descriptions for charges. You can also add, delete, combine, and reorder group and activity names. On the File menu, click Setup > Charges/Payments.

To view all options for all list items, click Open All. You can modify a group or activity name by selecting it, then modifying the information in the fields below the list.


Additional Field Information

Select to add a new group name or a new Charge/Payment activity name. Inserts the new item under the selected item in the list.

Select the charge/payment description(s) to delete, and click Delete/OK.

Select the group name or activity name and move it using the up and down arrows. To sort alphabetically, click Sort. Click Save/OK.

Select a description to change, select what to change that description to, and add the change to the list. Click Combine/OK.


You cannot combine a Charge type with a Payment type.

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