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Templates can be used as a quick way to set up event packages. Templates contain every possible event, charge, and requirement you may need for an event. You can view and use the predefined templates or add your own templates. On the File menu, click Setup > Template for Event Packages.

To view all options for all list items, click Open All. To modify an item name, select it in the list and edit the fields below the list.


Additional Field Information

Add a new template, event name, requirement, or charge. If you select to add an event, requirement, or charge, the new name is added to the template you selected in the list. If you select to add a new template, the new template is added below the template you selected in the list.

Select the item(s) to delete, and click Delete/OK.

Select the item and move it using the up and down arrows. To sort alphabetically, click Sort. Click Save/OK.

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