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8.0D Release 2-16-17

To get the latest version, go to the File menu in your program and click Check for Program Update. Or, just click Download Now.

We recommend updating to Ministry Scheduler 8.0D, which offers the following enhancements.

New Features

Online Data Security Update

After June 1, 2017, we will disable TLS 1.0 and upgrade to TLS 1.2. This affects all of our public APIs and online payment transactions. If you use those, you must update your operating systems and browsers and inform your congregants to upgrade as well.

For more information on what this means for you, see our official notice for the Security Update for Our API Consumers.

Post for Ministers to Serve Anytime

Now, you can quickly select the Serve anytime option on multiple ministers' Type & Time Availability window for a particular mass type.

In the Cannot Serve Time of Day quick posting, select Serve anytime and complete the process as usual.

We also added an option to select the Serve Mass Type check box if it isn't already selected for that mass type on the minister's record. We recommend doing this if you want to apply your changes for the next schedule you run.

If you don't select this, the Serve anytime or Except times you enter will display on the minister's record but are not considered during scheduling (like Permanent Mass Type in the image below).


We fixed the following issues that affected some of our clients.

  • An error displayed after adding a new report and typing in a report owner instead of selecting one from the list.
  • The keyboard shortcut Alt + A didn't work the same in Quick Posting Ministry List as it did in the Direct Assignments quick posting.
  • If there was an ampersand (&) in ministry names, an error displayed when trying to upload to the minister app.