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You can adjust your program's window size to accommodate older monitors. Click and drag the corners of the window to resize it, or click the Screen Configuration icon  on the Quick Access toolbar to specify a size:

  • Adjust for Non-standard DPI — Adjusts the height of the program to make the windows fit on your screen. For this change to take effect, you must exit and restart the program.


    Select this option if you're having trouble viewing the entire program on your monitor.

  • Set to Minimum Size — Reduces the screen resolution to 640 x 510 or the minimum size your monitor fits.
  • Set to Maximum Size — Enlarges the screen resolution to the maximum size your monitor fits.
  • Set to 800 x 600 — Sets the program window size to 800 pixels by 600 pixels, suitable for many smaller monitors.
  • Set to 1024 x 750 — Sets the program window size to 1024 pixels by 750 pixels, suitable for many larger monitors.
  • Default/10% Larger/20% Larger Font — Sets the size of the text used in windows throughout the program. Select larger fonts for easier readability.

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