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To customize your program's text, buttons, and sounds, click the Screen Configuration icon  on the Quick Access toolbar.

You can customize the following special effects in your program:

  • Fade Text on Screens that are Not Active — When selected, inactive windows located behind active windows are faded.
  • Animate Hover Over Tabs and Buttons — When selected, if you hover over a tab or button, the color of the tab or button gradually changes.
  • Use New Method to do Screen Maximize — If you're an OnDemand user, select this option to maximize your window and still view OnDemand messages.
  • Sound When Messages Pop Up — Messages display for specific activities such as entering a duplicate ID, selecting the Inactive check box, or displaying error messages. To select a sound, click the drop-down list and select an option in the list. To preview the sound, click Test.

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