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Want to start using your program right away? Use the Getting Started Checklist to keep track of key areas that you must set up before using the program.

On the Home window, click Getting Started Checklist to display the checklist. To show or hide this button, click the Screen Configuration icon on the Quick Access toolbar. Then, in the Configure Home Screen section, select or clear Show the Getting Started Checklist Button.

If you want to learn more about getting around in your program, read the rest of the Getting Started section, then come back to the checklist later.

Getting Started Checklist

Useful Information

You can access online help from within the program by pressing F1 on your keyboard. A specific topic displays in your Internet browser that provides you with information about the current program window.

Once the program is installed, do the following:

(tick) Enter Contact Information – License Registration — See License, Registration, and Dealer Information.

(tick) Determine Screen Settings — See Customize Text, Buttons, and Sounds.

(tick) Grant User Permissions — See Users and Passwords.

(tick) Configure Initial Setup Options — See Set Up Your Program Options.

(tick) Modify Title Definitions — See Set Up Definitions and Abbreviations.

(tick) Select Email/Text Provider — See Set Up Email and Text Providers.

(tick) Define Mass Labels — See Set a Term for Program Labels.

(tick) Select Minister Data to Copy — See Set Which Minister Data to Copy.

(tick) Configure the Scheduling Options — See Set Scheduling Options.

(tick) Setup Keywords — See Manage and Print Keywords.

(tick) Add Masses — See Add a Mass.

(tick) Add Ministers — See Add a Minister.

(tick) Create Schedules — See Add Schedules.

(tick) Show the Getting Started Checklist Button on the Home Screen  — Select or clear this option to show or hide the Getting Started Checklist button on the Home window.

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