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Ministers are not always available to serve. To keep track of the days, weeks or periods of time ministers have to be away, navigate to Information > Ministers.

In the navigation pane, click Date Restrictions. For each minister, you can select the days, weeks, and away periods to ensure they aren't scheduled during those times.

Setting an Away Period for a Ministry

If a minister serves in more than one ministry, you can set an away period for each ministry.

  • For example, a minister may not want to serve as a lector the week of Christmas but is still available to serve in the choir that week. In that case, you can set up an away period for the lector ministry, but the minister would still be considered for scheduling in the choir ministry.
  • If, for example, a minister will be out of the country on a summer mission trip, leave the Ministry field blank so the minister is not scheduled for any ministry.

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