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You can view the masses a minister prefers to serve and which masses are the least preferred. On the Information tab, click Ministers > Mass Preferences.

Preferred Masses

Use the Preferred Masses grid to track the masses a minister wants to serve for each ministry role.

In the second column, you can add a different mass that the minister can be assigned to if the preferred mass is not available. When scheduling, if the preferred mass is already assigned to another minister, this minister will be considered for the mass you enter for this ministry.

If the minister is assigned to their preferred mass, they're also assigned to the second mass if it's available (as long as the minister's Max Assigns Per Week is at least 2).

Least Preferred Masses

Use the Least Preferred Masses grid to keep track of a minister's least preferred masses for each ministry.


Additional Field Information

Insert, Line Delete, Delete All
Use the green plus, red minus, and Delete All buttons to edit the information in the grids.

Copy Preferences
Use this option to copy one ministry's mass preference options to another ministry.

Use this option to reorder the information within the grids.

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