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You can set a minister's serving options, including which ministry assignments they can perform with the primary assignment, who the minister can serve with, and/or who can stand in for the minister. Navigate to Information > Ministers, and click Serving Options in the navigation pane.


Additional Field Information

Serving Options

  • Also Assign to Ministry — Select a ministry assignment that the minister can perform during the same mass with the primary ministry assignment.

  • Class/Group — Use Class/Group names to define an attribute that can associate ministers with a specific class or group. You can also filter ministry types by Class/Group names. Enter a name that is meaningful to a scheduler, who can then assign only servers of a selected class/group to a mass.

  • Family Mode — Select a family mode. For a particular ministry, you can select family members to serve together or as alternating members.


    If you use Serve With entries, set Family Mode to None for best results.
  • Number of Ministers Serving — You can have multiple family members who participate in the same ministries. If you always want them to be scheduled together, you can create a single minister record that represents more than one person ("Tom & Jane" or "The Wilson Family". This field reflects the number of people within the selected minister name.

Serve With List section
Lists the people the minister prefers to serve in ministry assignments. Ministers must have the same preferences (same serve days, class/group, ministry, and so on) in order to serve together. You'll get a message if minister preferences are different.

Substitute List section
Lists the people who can substitute for the minister when he or she is unable to serve.

Copy Serving Options
You can quickly copy the serving option settings for one ministry to the other ministries of a selected minister.

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